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OpenFOAM Boundary Conditions Tips and Tricks

OpenFOAM is a powerful open source CFD toolbox that has proven itself as a competitive option for producing high quality results. While being extremely capable, accurate and comprehensive, it can also be challenging to learn as everything is controlled using text files via the command line. Without a user-interface there can be some challenges to […]

High Speed Flows and Slow Speed Solutions – An Introduction to Under-Expanded Jets Modelling Challenges

Introduction Fluid jets are found in many engineering applications including rocket nozzles and cooling devices, but may also arise due to accidental leaks. When the fluid is a gas, relatively low pressures are required for the jet to reach the speed of sound (Mach 1) at the exit of the nozzle. As such, it’s important […]

Understanding the OpenFOAM Case Structure

Introducing OpenFOAM Choosing a CFD program can be a challenging and sometimes confusing task. There are many options to choose from, including common commercial codes such as ANSYS Fluent and Siemens Star-CCM++. Commercial CFD codes typically come with a simple user interface and plenty of documentation provided by the software vendor. However, commercial CFD software […]