What We Do

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Maple Key Labs is dedicated to helping clients gain a competitive edge through advanced numerical simulations. We can help you save money and complete your projects faster by virtually prototyping designs before they go into production.

Application Areas

Water Treatment

We have extensive experience working on water treatment applications including filtration, disinfection, and bioreactors. Using advanced flow simulations, we will optimize the flow through your system to enhance its performance and troubleshoot operational issues.

Compressible Flow Systems

Compressible flows are uniquely challenging to understand due to the complex interactions of shocks with the flow domains. Our simulation expertise can assist you in understanding the flow behaviour in your product and improve its design.

Biomedical Devices

Biomedical devices such as microfluidic "lab on a chip" systems or aerosol drug delivery devices involve complex flows that are difficult to understand from a theoretical point of view. Numerical simulations can provide improved understanding of the flows in these devices which can help improve their designs.

CFD Simulation

We offer computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulation solutions across a wide range of industries and application areas. Some examples of the services that we offer include:

Virtual Tracer Tests

Tracer studies are standard practice in the wastewater treatment industry for determining the hydraulic characteristics of contact basins. However, physical tracer tests can be costly and time consuming to set up. Virtual tracer tests are done using CFD simulations to compute the flow field and to track the evolution of a tracer that is injected into the domain. Virtual tracer tests are normally faster and less expensive than physical tracer tests, while also offering the ability to probe the tracer in an unlimited number of spatial locations.

Thermal Management

As technology continues to advance, so does the requirement to efficiently manage thermal energy. Using CFD simulations, we are able to optimize enhanced heat transfer devices to dissipate excess heat from critical components. Furthermore, we are able to design thermal energy storage systems that can improve the thermal efficiency of devices and save energy costs for clients. CFD is an ideal tool when standard correlations fail to correctly predict thermal performance, which is more common as flow devices become more complex.

Software Development

We offer custom development of numerical models and software solutions. We will help develop fast and efficient algorithms to solve mathematical using Python, C++, and other programming languages. Some examples of software solutions that we offer include:

Differential Equations

Efficient solution of ordinary/partial differential equations requires careful attention to ensure accuracy and stability. We have the experience required to develop solution algorithms for large numbers of coupled differential equations with highly non-linear source terms. As an example, these types of equations arise from models for processes occuring in bioreactors.


We offer in-person and remote training courses on various open source software tools, which include:


We offer OpenFOAM training for all levels of users, from novice to advanced. Scheduled sessions will be posted on the website for signup. For customized training options, please contact us.