What We Do

Maple Key Labs is an innovative consulting firm dedicated to helping clients understand the physical performance of their designs using virtual prototypes. We let our clients focus on what they do best, while we take care of their numerical simulation needs.

Our Expertise

We are experts in computational fluid dynamics, numerical computations, and scientific software development. We thrive on solving difficult problems for our clients.


Our consulting service will help you understand your product better, make better design decisions, and save time and money with prototype testing.


Our software training service will help you learn how to use numerical analysis software packages with confidence, enabling you to test new concepts in a virtual environment.

Recent Blog Posts

High Speed Flows and Slow Speed Solutions – An Introduction to Under-Expanded Jets Modelling Challenges
Introduction Fluid jets are found in many engineering applications including rocket nozzles and cooling devices, but may also arise due to accidental leaks. When the fluid is a gas, relatively low pressures are required for the jet to reach the speed of sound (Mach 1) at the exit of the …
Creating Block-Structured Meshes with blockMesh and ofblockmeshdicthelper
2/18/2021 Update -- The module discussed in this blog post has officially been renamed blockmeshbuilder as of February 15, 2021. It is still hosted on Github. The Meshing Process When using CFD to solve a problem, the analyst has many decisions to make which will determine the speed and accuracy …
Virtual Tracer Tests Using CFD
Physical Tracer Testing A "tracer test" describes a general testing procedure wherein a passively transported substance (such as a dye or chemical) is used to probe the hydraulic characteristics of wastewater reactors. Many regulatory agencies request that tracer tests be done on contact basins to validate their hydraulic performance and …

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